House (141)

€256.500(1.932.599 kn)
House Hreljin, Bakar, 210m2
€180.000(1.356.210 kn)
House Dugo Selo - Jug, Dugo Selo, Da, 331,23m2
€319.999(2.411.032 kn)
House Mihotići, Matulji, 160m2
€226.600(1.707.318 kn)
House Buzet, 200m2
€139.000(1.047.295 kn)
House Brod Moravice, 128m2
€154.500(1.164.080 kn)
House Matulji, 74m2
€320.000(2.411.040 kn)
House Sukošan, Da, 600m2
€75.000(565.087 kn)
House Biograd na Moru, Da, 32m2
€95.000(715.777 kn)
House Pićan, da, 150m2
€162.000(1.220.589 kn)
House Stanovi, Zadar, Da, 80m2
€250.000(1.883.625 kn)
House Sukošan, Da, 214m2
€1.250.000(9.418.125 kn)
House Zaton, Nin, Da, 230m2
€140.000(1.054.830 kn)
House Cvetlin, Bednja, 100m2
€660.000(4.972.770 kn)
House Punat, 126m2
€285.000(2.147.332 kn)
House Hvar, 150m2
€335.000(2.524.057 kn)
House Vir, Da, 88m2
€298.000(2.245.281 kn)
 House and apartment for tourist rent, Maksimir
A well-built and well-maintained two-story house (floor and...
€220.000(1.657.590 kn)
House Donje Raštane, Sveti Filip I Jakov, Da, 247m2
€103.000(776.053 kn)
House Križišće, Kraljevica, 90m2
€290.000(2.185.005 kn)
House Brnčići, Kastav, 200m2
€95.000(715.777 kn)
House Pićan, 150m2
€170.000(1.280.865 kn)
House Polje, Dobrinj, 100m2
€58.000(437.001 kn)
A house, ready for move-in, also suitable for turism
The house with the wiew, on the two level, in Donje Vino...
€426.322(3.212.123 kn)
House Vodice, Da, 163,97m2
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