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€145.000(1.090.129 kn)
Apartment Krnjevo, Rijeka, 81m2
€126.000(947.284 kn)
Apartment Drenova, Rijeka, 45m2
€85.000(639.041 kn)
House Pojatno, Zaprešić - Okolica, 100m2
€550.000(4.134.971 kn)
House Kastav, 330m2
€269.000(2.022.377 kn)
Apartment Kastav, 120m2
€159.000(1.195.383 kn)
Apartment Kastav, 71m2
€129.000(969.839 kn)
Apartment Kastav, 53m2
€170.000(1.278.082 kn)
Apartment Opatija - Centar, Opatija, 37,56m2
€255.000(1.917.123 kn)
House Vir, 76m2
€138.000(1.037.502 kn)
Apartment Zamet, Rijeka, 54,60m2
€95.000(714.222 kn)
Plot Vrhovčak, Samobor - Okolica, 2.752m2
€145.000(1.090.129 kn)
Vacation apartment Vir, 40m2
€145.000(1.090.129 kn)
Apartment Krnjevo, Rijeka, 81m2
€105.000(789.404 kn)
House Omišalj, 90m2
€105.000(789.404 kn)
Vacation apartment Omišalj, 90m2
€240.000(1.804.351 kn)
Apartment Lovran, 46m2
€150.000(1.127.720 kn)
Apartment Relja, Zadar, 66m2
€239.000(1.796.833 kn)
House Centar, Gospić, 388m2
€155.000(1.165.310 kn)
Apartment Jazine, Zadar, Da, 60m2
€188.000(1.413.408 kn)
Apartment Selce, Crikvenica, 52,84m2
€114.000(857.067 kn)
Apartment Škurinje, Rijeka, 42,70m2
€140.000(1.052.538 kn)
Apartment Ičići, Opatija - Okolica, 59,19m2
€260.000(1.954.714 kn)
Floor Apartment Selce, Crikvenica, 105m2
€55.600(418.008 kn)
Plot Seline, Starigrad, Da, 695m2
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